Monthly Archive for December, 2007

Giant human skeleton unearthed!

The official National Geographic story is worth the read. Right up there with Turtle and The Rickroll other top memes of 2007 (thanks Rocketboom!)

How-to keep your brain in shape

10 tips, including “Practice positive, future-oriented thoughts until they become your default mindset and you look forward to every new day in a constructive way. Stress and anxiety, no matter whether induced by external events or by your own thoughts, actually kills neurons and prevents the creation of new ones.”

How to write a special blog

Sublime creativity

This key fetched $210,000 at auction

TXTris by Media Lab Toronto

Exploring the intersection of art, media, and technology with an interactive SMS wall at CaseCampToronto6. Thanks guys!

Mini filmfest: Wes Anderson

Video diary from Maker Faire

Produced by Andrew Baron and Sarah Meyers for Rocketboom.

Siskel & Every (& Roeper) archive

Every movie review they’ve done, search and stream.

The Beatles sing Stairway to Heaven

Building global blog momentum

The launch strategy behind Blog Action Day, the one-day online environmental movement last October 15. 

The oldest living animal in the world

“Only after researchers cut through its shell and counted its growth rings did they realize how old it had been —between 405 and 410 years old.”

10 ways to kill a bad mood

A double relaunch!

Today, December 17, marks two exciting announcements that have been a long time in the works. First, this blog is finally back online after an unfortunate crash. Thanks Patrick for the fantastic dev job!

And second, I start my new job as Director of Social Media at Segal Communications. I’m looking forward to a new crop of clients and diving deep on developing branded communities in Facebook.

2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year, until then, stay warm!

Scrapbook of Auschwitz’s senior SS officers

“The photos are poignant as they juxtapose the comfortable daily lives of the guards with the horrific reality within the camp, where thousands were starving and 1.1 million died.” Full article in the NYTimes.

TV affects baby development

“For every hour of baby-video viewing per day, children ages 8 to 16 months knew six to eight fewer words than those who watched no videos.”

Right brain vs. left brain

10 ways to sleep better

Use mobile phones for activism

Study: How we respond to hot people

“Our attention gets quickly and automatically stuck on attractive members of the opposite sex … If we’re jealous and worried about our partner cheating, attention gets stuck on attractive people of our own sex because they are our competitors.”