CaseCamp a week later

Thanks to everyone who helped make CaseCamp Toronto 7 one of the best yet.  Volunteers (Michelle, Arieh, Tania, Kevin, Matt, Rahaf, Iris and Rachel) and sponsors (Thornley Fallis, comScore, Social Media Group, Pigsback, InterCom Search, Freshbooks, Tucows, NextMedia, Infopresse and Segal Communications), we could not have done it without you.

Thanks as well to our great presenters, participants and after party planners (Mark Kuznicki especially) for helping to catalyze such an outstanding community.  Photos are here.

This camp produced more online discussion than any before, specifically around the Story2Oh! case.  The core of the discussion has taken place here and here.  Having this much discussion is something that I find very exciting.  Woven into the fabric of CaseCamp is the mash-up dynamic of arts and business, it’s a place that showcases grassroots uses of social media like Spacing, Newmindspace, Rocketboom and Istoica with corporate cases like TD Bank, Petro Canada, Sears, BMW and WWF.  Obviously the goal is to foster discussion and take everyone to new places.

CaseCamp needs to be a safe place where people from various communities and industries can feel comfortable sharing their work, exchanging their ideas, asking questions and getting into healthy debate.  It’s not good for the community when the dialogue turns sour, when it gets personal, when there’s swearing on message boards and collegiality disappears. I urge everyone participating in this online debate to keep it respectful.

Looking ahead to the next camp I think we’re starting to have an issue with size.  I find that community events don’t scale very well and that the tone of CaseCamp has changed from when it was a 150 person event.  If anyone has any ideas as to how we can work to get back to that smaller group feel when we’re a 500+ person group, please email me.

Last, congrats to Mark Aronson for winning a pass to the Interactive Marketing Conference, I’m working on getting everyone into the CaseCamp LinkedIn group so please be patient, and check out the amazing line-up at Mesh!

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