Monthly Archive for August, 2008

ikonica | The heart and soul of branding in Canada

The bible for branding in Canada was just published and it’s called ikonica: A Field Guide to Canada’s Brandscape. It is a focused study on what makes Canada’s most successful brands tick – Four Seasons, BlackBerry, Cirque du Soliel, Umbra, Aeroplan, Roots, WestJet and many others.

What distinguishes this book in my mind (aside from the breathtaking graphic design by Mr. Paul Hodgson) is the thoughtful study of the linkages between branding and culture. Through understanding the values that make Canadian brands tick, we learn a little more about our national identity and ourselves.

I congratulate my long-time friend Jeannette Hanna and her co-author Alan Middleton on their outstanding new book.Read-up on ikonica in The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, and MJ Braide’s blog. Or just live vicariously and head over to Indigo and buy it right away for some good summer reading.